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It’s Been A While

Just the other night a friend mentioned that I must have given-up on my blog. Another friend jumped in with, “Yeah. What’s up with that?” “No,” I answered.  “It’s just been on hiatus.”  

Moreover, maybe I’m the one who has been on hiatus.   What’s wrong with me! 

Sometime between my last post (in May) and now I came to the realization that my status in life has changed.  I didn’t have to complete any forms or even advise the government. It took a while for me to be cognizant of my new-found status. It’s been like forever that I’ve had a job or owned my own business.  Whenever anyone asked me what I did (As in, “What do you do for a living?”), I always responded with a job description or title; most recently with, “I’m working part-time for a friend.”

Now I am not working.  Now I am not looking for a job. I guess I would start a business if the right situation presented itself, but, basically, I am retired.  There, I have made it official.  Since I have come to this realization, I have become more relaxed about life–more casual in my day-to-day activities. David’s busy day is hardly busy at all. I’m happy with that status. 

The sixth of next month (December), Cindy and I will have celebrated forty years of marriage.  Now that’s an accomplishment of which I am proud. Occasionally, Cindy goes off to work or works from home. So, we spend most every day together. Except for the few nights a week I  play poker, Cindy and I are home (or traveling, though not enough).   As I am writing this, I am sitting ion my livingroom watching the sun set. Our cat is snuggling on my right. Our dog is sleeping beneath the piano. In front of me are framed pictures of my family and friends.  My heart is full of love for Cindy. So, retirement is good–life is good, status–excellent.


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