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Long Time No See

So here I sit re-reading my blog, some of which I hardly remember writing.  I now realize I have not entered any new tales of life for quite some time–and never before on an IPad. Not being the best “typist” in the first place, I find the iPad inconvenient to use, but, ironically, convenient to hold while I put some words to this post.

I am almost 80 now. My gosh that is old, at least older than I thought I would ever be. I was around 14 or so when my dad, Louis, died. I probably told this story before, but old people are allowed to repeat themselves. Old people are allowed to repeat themselves. When he died, I was told he died at age 48. How young! What I discovered in later years was that he was years older than that.  Fact is he had lied to get a lower rate on his life insurance policy. So, his gravestone reads incorrectly. Growing up I always thought 50 was old. After all, my dad died around that age. Anyway, when I made it to 50 I felt I reached a milestone of sorts. Now I may see 80, wow!

I cannot discuss end of life, because I am really enjoying life too much. Cindy keeps me happy and on the move. We are moving into a new home with more comforts for the aging, but not the infirmed, mind you. Though we are both overweight, we function on our own.  We see our grandkids often and try to be part of their lives. In addition to new home– moving in a few weeks, we rented a cute one- bedroom apartment in Heather and Nate’s Brooklyn house, putting us closer to them and their three sweeties, Maya, Simon, and Saillor and, of course, in a-little-more-than walking-distance to Zach and Jenn and our youngest grandchild sweet Sol. We were lucky this summer, we got to see our west-coast grandchildren (hardly kids anymore), Matthew and Jordan. So, life is good.

Both cindy and I are looking forward to New York visits, hoping to see not only family and friends, but shows, concerts, museums.  I know, too much fuckin’ culture. Oh, well!

If you were looking for something exciting or comical in this blog, I have disappointed you. That is the bad news. The good news is that I am blogging again. So, stay tuned while I compose my thoughts and pen some interesting stories or games.


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