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Jackass is a game that has garnered popularity ever since I concocted and introduced it sometime back in 2008.  It is so popular now that a few players feel we play it too often. Some players prefer varying the games, whatever they are. Ironically, though I introduced this game, I do not deal it very often.

Each player receives five cards, face down.
In the center of the table, seven common cards are placed face down–thusly
                       A B
                                  C F G
                      D E
Game is played, Hi-Lo, 8 or better. This is a Vegas style  (meaning non-declare) game.
To achieve best possible hands, players may use any of the following options:
1-All five cards in their hand, utilizing none of the board cards. 
2-Four cards in their hand with either C or F or G.
3-Three cards in their hand with either A and D or with B and E.
4-Two cards in their hand with three of  the following five cards
     A  B  C  F G  or D E C F G.
Players may use one option for best high hand; another option for best low hand.
It is possible, as well, to use the same option for the best of both hands.
There is a round of betting. Then, cards A B C are turned face up. FLOP
There is a second round of betting. Then, cards D E F are turned face up. TURN
There is a third round of betting. Then, card G is turned face up.  RIVER
There is a final round  of betting. Hands of remaining players are then revealed.
GAME: Jackass

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